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“There was not one big breakthrough moment, in a bath or under an apple tree. There were, rather, lots and lots and lots of small moments. Detail after detail that we had to get completely right, item after item to be ticked off the list, problem after problem that had to be solved”.

Professor of Vaccinology at Oxford University, Dame Sarah Gilbert, started the process of developing a Covid vaccine on the 8 January 2020. The first vaccine was delivered in December 2020

Details of the course

We recognise that many students will be resitting their A Levels and it is often preferable to be able to resit the specification the student studied first time.

At Charterhouse Online, we offer a flexible and accommodating programme of study for the specific subjects, providing lessons covering the key concepts in Biology, but, in addition, providing exam board-specific support to ensure exam readiness. 

In the situation where a student will be sitting the A Level exams for the first time, we would teach the exam board which Charterhouse School uses. For Biology, this is Cambridge Assessment International Examinations.