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Accelerated, one-year A Levels; intensive retake preparation; online revision courses and tutoring.

Welcome from the Director

Traditional Academic Excellence, Online

At Charterhouse Online we offer a personalised approach to A-Level studies for those needing something different from the conventional approach.

·       An accelerated, personalised and authentic programme for those who need to make a fresh start, retake or change academic direction.

·       If you need an intensive short course to prepare you for resitting your A Levels, then our Retake Intensive may be for you.

·       Do you struggle to revise alone? Then consider our holiday 'boost' courses.

·       Need some one-to-one support with aspects of the syllabus? Our highly experienced teachers can provide academic mentoring and tutoring.

Interested? Feel free to email to get in touch or complete the initial enquiry form here and we will get back in contact. 

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Approach to learning

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Pupils walking through the forest with arms around each other


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Moral courage

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Moral purpose shared by all our schools


We are open to new possibilities and ideas and we are accepting of other people’s viewpoints.

Moral purpose shared by all our schools


We are accepting of ourselves and our own abilities and we are sensitive towards the needs of other people.

Moral purpose shared by all our schools


We face challenges but are determined to learn from our struggles so that we may become the change that the world needs.

Moral purpose shared by all our schools


We reflect on all we have, make the most of opportunities available to us and seek to serve and support the community around us.

Moral purpose shared by all our schools

Moral courage

We have integrity and try to do what we know to be right, even when that is hard. We consider the impact of our behaviour on the world around us and try to leave a positive impact.

Our Values
School buildings and grounds

250 acres of inspiring spaces

Explore the beautiful UK campus

Traditional academic excellence since 1611

Our on-site modules provide access to world-class facilities enabling students to work on their practical and examination skills and prepare their university applications. For those applying to Cambridge, Oxford or for Medicine courses a further on-site module will provide intensive preparation for the additional demands of these applications.