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Teaching & Learning

Students study from home, able to access different forms of teaching resources. The main course content is delivered through a Guided Learning approach, with students able to work through interactive self-study materials to acquire the knowledge and content necessary for the different topics. This will be using a blend of lectures available on demand, and use of interactive materials that guide the learner through the subject material and provide regular testing and feedback to ensure understanding.

Students are expected to devote 4 to 5 hours per week to directed self-study for each subject.

Daily face to face teacher led interaction is the core of each course. This close supervision allows the development of real expertise in the subject and accelerated progress to be made. Live classes (in typically small A Level class sizes) are supplemented by lectures across a wider topic and seminar work with smaller groups on specific areas of focus.

View the Academic Year Term Timetable For students in time zones to the east of the UK, the main time for self-study will be in the mornings,
allowing them to attend live lessons in their afternoon, fresh from reviewing the content earlier in the day. There will usually be two timetable slots available for additional self-study time each day.

Typically, students will have a lesson in each of their three subjects every day as well as a Tutorial or Subject Clinic to allow them to get one-to-one help with any aspect of a subject they are finding challenging.

The blend of online, self-paced ‘Guided Learning’ that supports extensive, live and interactive taught lessons and smaller group tutorials and seminars will allow pupils to tailor elements of the course to suit their own learning profiles. This builds the skills of independent learning, intellectual curiosity and self-disciplined application to studies that are so highly valued by universities and employers.