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Further Mathematics

 “Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.”

Shakuntala Devi, Indian mathematician and Guinness World Record Holder who was popularly known as the ‘Human Computer’.

Mathematics is not merely about numbers: it is about learning to think for oneself. It is also about the application of creativity and imagination to solve problems and the development of the skills of logic, analysis and accuracy.

Taking Further Mathematics will certainly be an excellent preparation for studying maths at university but it also provides a broader knowledge and understanding of applied mathematical principles such as statistics or mechanics. This can lead onto other areas of study such engineering or perhaps, finance.

Cambridge International A Level Mathematics – Further 

The Further Mathematics A Level is intended for high ability learners who are likely to obtain the top grades in A Level Maths. It will develop and extend the skills of A Level Mathematics and aims to:

  • further develop their mathematical knowledge and skills in a way which encourages confidence and provides satisfaction and enjoyment
  • develop a greater understanding of mathematical principles and a further appreciation of mathematics as a logical and coherent subject
  • acquire a greater range of mathematical skills, particularly those which will enable them to use applications of mathematics in the context of everyday situations and of other subjects they may be studying
  • further develop the ability to analyse problems logically
  • recognise when and how a situation may be represented mathematically, identify and interpret relevant factors and select an appropriate mathematical method to solve the problem
  • use mathematics fluently as a means of communication with emphasis on the use of clear expression
  • acquire the mathematical background necessary for further study in mathematics or related subjects.

The subjects covered are Further Pure Mathematics, Further Mechanics and Further Probability & Statistics.

The full specification can be viewed using the link below:

AS & A Level Further Mathematics 9231 | PDF