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Accelerated Learning

How it's done!

We all know that when we really set our minds to something; we can do it - even when time is short. In fact, a deadline can often help us get things done.

Accelerated learning makes use of the same techniques that help us work well when we are under pressure, as well as some other tried and tested approaches to effective studying:


The following A Level Economics example will show you how this works in practice.

Topic for the day: Demand Curves, part of Chapter 7, that is also part of the Section on The Price System and the Microeconomy. This is how learning is broken down into ‘chunks’. The ‘chunk’ on Supply will be covered in a separate lesson. Students will read Chapter 7 from Section 2 before the introductory lecture and take notes in the way that works best for them.

An example of some Mind Map notes – the student has used colour to good effect. This type of note-taking not only reinforces learning but is also really time-saving and helpful for revision.

Students will also complete a number of Activities to embed their learning prior to listening to the pre-recorded introductory lecture.