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Our Approach

Educational Approach

The foundation of our educational approach is live, synchronous, lessons, taught online in small classes. These lessons are delivered by experienced teachers who can provide high quality lessons which are tailored to the individual.

Students are expected to supplement their synchronous learning with structured self-study and homework. 

For some subjects or students, a residential module in October and at Easter may also be required. This might be the case for those completely new to a subject or those taking science subjects where practical lab time is needed. The time required may also vary on an individual basis.

Oxbridge & Medicine

Applying to the universities of Oxford or Cambridge (known collectively as Oxbridge) and to any UK medical school is highly competitive and academically demanding. It is the aspiration of many of the most able and hard-working students both in the UK and internationally.

Charterhouse Online offers Oxbridge and Medicine Support supervised by our experienced and specialist staff. This support will run alongside your main studies. 

Oxbridge & Medicine Support

The support process  will be built around individual needs. However, all support options are likely to address:

  • Making the best course and university choice for each student
  • Completing the UCAS (the UK body that organises university applications) application process
  • Writing the UCAS Personal Statement
  • Completing any university specific admission forms such as the Cambridge Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ)
  • Preparation, practice and registration for university and course specific tests such as the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) and BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test)
  • Preparation for the submission of written work when required for certain universities and courses
  • Interview preparation and practice.

The course will cover areas common to all these types of application but will also include sessions focused specifically on applying to Oxford and Cambridge and the requirements for medical admissions.

The cost of support will reflect the individual student’s need but is likely to cost from £1,250.00 to £2,2750.00 plus VAT.

Taking Your Exams

There are a number of options available to Charterhouse Online students when it comes to taking their A-Level examinations.

Close to Home

There are more than 10,000 Cambridge International Schools in over 160 countries so many students will be able to take their exams at a centre in their home country or in a country close by so that very little travel is involved.

Charterhouse Online will find the centre most suitable for you and support you with the registration process as a private candidate.

In the UK

Students might also choose to take their exams in the UK or even at the main Charterhouse campus in the UK where that is possible.

Where it is not possible to offer exams at the UK campus then Charterhouse Online will support students with locating and registering with another UK centre as a private candidate.

The exam entrance fees payable to each exam board will be charged separately by Charterhouse or an alternative centre as appropriate.


Those requiring financial assistance to study with Charterhouse Online should contact for further information.

Charterhouse Online Fees for Academic Year 2024 to 2025 - Domestic Students

Online Programme for one A Level

GBP 7,500 plus VAT

Online Programme for two A Levels

GBP 11,500 plus VAT

Online Programme for three A Levels

GBP 14,500 plus VAT

Online Programme for four A Levels GBP 16,500 plus VAT


International Students

Charterhouse Online Fees for Academic Year 2024 to 2025 - International Students

Online Programme for one A Level GBP 8,750 plus VAT

Online Programme for two A Levels

GBP 12,750 plus VAT

Online Programme for three A Levels

GBP 15,750 plus VAT

Online Programme for four A Levels GBP 17,750 plus VAT


Please note that if the student is the only one taking the course, and therefore benefitting from a favourable 1:1 teaching environment, there will be an additional £3000 surcharge per subject. 

Residential modules

Where attendance on a residential element is required, the cost will be £275.00 per day plus VAT.

Assistance will be provided with finding local accommodation if needed.